As Your Creative Agent
We help you master your business, visually. What do we mean, well, the art of business is the ultimate pursuit to master supply and demand, with a focus on creating demand! No business can succeed without connecting to those that desire their wares and no business whats to invest a ton of time and energy into a wantless pursuit. As your creative agent, we work with you to identify and communicate to those most likely to transact with you best.

So, how does degraffics help you master this process?

Well, it starts by helping you to identify your message and then we craft a visual presentation that educates, connects, and motivate the target audience your business needs to succeed. There's no fool proof way to know who's going to connect and how their going to act before you outlay some coin, but the objective is to spend few coins as possible to find the hook. Marketing is big business and big businesses are very good at marketing!

Free 30 Minute Consultation

Logo & Branding

Logos starting at $350. Branding support to help you create the identity suite you need to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace. Let's talk about crafting you a kickass business card, letterhead and Facebook collateral package for only $295.00.

Concept Development

We offer the support you needed to pull your concept together and make them visually presentable. Think of us when you want to create a preliminary draft concept draft concept, low res composition draft layout for visual presentations. We will also collect and organize any templates and production specifications required to ensure that the project can be commenced and deployed properly.

Document Layout

You've organized your thoughts, know what your project requirements are, and now require the assistance from a professional to put it together and make it print ready. We can help! Send us your project brief, include any written text and required photos and we'll do the rest. Junior and Senior Graphic Designers available to work with you, live design appointment or virtual appointments available, and we are always happy to help you create your visuals.

Want Flat Fees?

Everything you need to create and deploy your ideas via print, web and anything you can imagine for one flat monthly fee.

One example of a robust service package is our "Marketing Department Package". It includes 16 hours of support for only $995.00 per month. This package assigns a dedicated project manager, one junior designer and one processing agent as your professional marketing team ready to handle any project you can throw our way. Another example package is our Social Scene Package. We will help you create and deploy 5 article posts to Facebook, Twitter linked back to a blog landing page. Cost is $250 and includes 2 hours of concept development, 2.5 hours of design support and 1 hour for project deployment support.

Have something different in mind... Were always open to new ideas. Let's discuss your needs and find a solution that benefits us both!