Meet Jason DeGraff, Owner and Operator of degraffics, llc
Jason has been in the graphic arts field for more than two and half decades. In high school, he learned the basics and while in the military he worked weekends doing sign and t-shirt printing as well as PR for a local night club.

After the military, he attended Collins College and attained his bachelors degree in visual communications. While he went to night school, he worked in the industry allowing him the rare opportunity of applying theory into action and taking actual real situations back to school for solutions. By the time he graduated he had attained a supervisory level running one of the fastest growing print facilities at Officemax, as well as being dedicated the regional training center.

After leaving Officemax, he held various marketing director and production manager positions gaining a vast knowledge of sales, marketing and operations. It was at Copy Club, later called CopyPlus where he honed his Store manager and business skillset. In the beginnng, he's direct sales and account management built a large network of clients lifting the revenue month after month. Then as the store manager he redifined the pricing model and customer service process to be more effecient and profitable. For many years the Owners of CopyPlus enjoyed a profitable business.

In search of the next challenge, Jason went to work with Allegra in Show Low, Arizona. He help the owner tranistion his three locations under a newly aquired franchise umbrella. A redefined order process and a spoke and hub production work-flow was implemented. An ownership opportunity arose but before serious talks to take place Jason decided to resign and pursue creating his own business, something new and 100% his very own.

In 2004, degraffics was born. Having little resources and no capital degraffics was going to have to be smart and nibble to get off the ground. Jason worked full time as an assistant manager for Circle K, while he laid the ground work. After 8 months, he moved back to Pheonix, transferring down with Circle K and concluded his first year as a business owner having generated 8K in revenue.

For the first 5 years, degraffics doubled its previous years revenue allowing Jason to dedicate his full attention and passion towards this endeavour. Degraffics, now being in its 15th year in business illustrates how choosing to follow your dreams is possible, but more over, persistance and tenaciousnous are the tools requried to capture the dream your chasing. He knows first hand the sweat and blood it takes to chase down a dream. He also knows the fears, duties and demands that an owner goes through daily... the pursuit is not easy and definately not for the meek or timid. He's here to lend a hand and help you continue forging forward into your great unknown.