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Offset envelopes with bleed on the face or print on any flap, the artwork is required fit within a Certified Envelope Template. Please download the template or contact us for assistance.

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Digital Envelopes are pre-converted and printed on high tech digital equipment. DO NOT place artwork or color on the window area. Keep images at least 1/8" inch away from the edge of the window. Digital Envelopes are pre-converted and have a plastic window adhered to the window area prior to printing. The window area must be blank. Please download the template or contact us for assistance.

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Additional Information
    Typical use by envelope size
  • A2 (5.75" x 4.375") - Typically used for wedding or annoucement invitations.
  • A6 (6.5" x 4.75") - Similar to the A2, just larger, used for wedding or annoucement invitations.
  • A7 (5.25" x 7.25") - A popular and classic look, perfect for sending invitations, greeting cards, announcements, photos and personalized messages.
  • A9 (5.75" x 8.75") - Similiar to the A7, this envelope fits a half-folded sheet of paper perfectly. Great for handcrafted messages or invitation. Also, a preferred size for digitally printed invitations, greeting cards, announcements, photos cards and personalized messages.
  • #9 Envelope (8.875" x 3.875") - The Return Envelope. The perfect size, 3 7/8" x 8 7/8", to accommodate letters with a standard fold, along with checks and standard tri-fold brochures; fits inside a #10 envelope nicely too.
  • #10 Envelope (9.5" x 4.125") - The Standard Business Envelope. A #10 envelope is designed specifically to carry trifolded 8 1/2 x 11-inch invoices along with checks and other business communication. This is America's choice for a business envelope.
  • Catalog Envelope (6"x9" & 9"x12") - Catalog or Booklet envelopes are popular for sending brochures, price lists, catalogs, statements, photos and other material that are usually inserted without folding. Catalog envelopes, also called open-end envelopes, are available in over numeroius sizes, but we only offer 2 sizes as a standard 6x9 and 9x12.
    Window Options
  • Window option applies to Standard #10 and #9 envelopes sizes.
  • All other envelopes come with standard as non-window envelopes
    Catalog Envelopes
  • Catalog envelopes has an open side option: 1. Open on 12" side or 2. Open on 9" side.
  • Catalog envelopes only come in run quantities of 500, 1000, 2500, 5000.
    Offset Envelopes
  • 70# white offset envelopes are printed full color flat sheet using an offset press, then die cut and converted into envelopes.
  • 1/16” overbleed and color wrap onto the back of the envelope is required to allow for movement throughout the bindery process.
  • Artwork with bleed on face or print on any flaps must be placed on certified envelope templates.
  • Solid, full color envelopes are recommended (to eliminate overbleed).
  • Intentional extension of flap color onto envelope face is recommended.
  • Gradients are recommended for smoother color transitions.
    Digital Envelopes
  • Digital envelopes are pre-converted and printed on high tech digital equipment.
  • Imprint options are 4/0 (Full Color on Front - envelope face), 4/4 (Full Color on Back Flaps) and 0/4 (No Color on Front - envelope face and Full Color on the Back Flaps).
  • Full color backgrounds are NOT recommended, it is best to use a white background with low ink coverage, (e.g. logo and text only), the ink coverage should not exceed 40%; artwork with over 40% ink coverage must be submitted as an offset product.
    Blank Envelopes
  • Blank Envelopes come in a variety of popular sizes and can be used for a wide range of applications. We offer small announcement envelopes and large 9x12 envelopes which hold 8.5x11 inserts and open on either the 9" side or the 12" side.
  • Blank Envelopes available on 70lb Premium Uncoated Text, 70lb Linen Uncoated Text and 70lb Natural White – the same high-quality stocks offered for our printed envelopes